PURSE SNATCHING UPDATE - 6:15pm ::  wish i had better news. the cops searched 3-4 trailers, and a couple cars - all with the iphone tracker running and the phone supposedly ringing…i guess they’d stuck in between the mattress or something where the cops wouldnt hear it. No dice.  the suspects didnt even have an alibi - they said they were at the Zilker tree last nite.  the cops said they did all they can do - and that the suspects might call and say they “found” it ater..but whatever - they phone is dying now (%5) the trail will soon go cold….We’ll be changing the locks ASAP.  

Thanks for the well wishes.  got plenty of HD footage of this.  thanks Dan McGreevy and Jordan Caulfield for infiltrting the lion’s den with me. also thanks to Danielle Barrand Lon Bozarth for moral support. and thanks friends for caring…and thanks APD Chief Art Acevedo for stepping up and listening.  Let’s hope he gets some police presence down at the Zilker tree from now until Xmas…if you go down there remember to watch your stuff. hide yo kids.